Love under the Spring Skye at Somer


Association of Illustrators ran a poster competition on the theme of “London stories” in collaboration with the London Transport Museum. I took it up as a school project.

My idea

SOMER = Somerset House

SPRING = Spring restaurant at Somerset House

SKYE = Skye Gyngell, Head Chef, Spring restaurant

somerset house fountain
Somerset house, London, UK
spring, image by kevin meredith, header edit_2
Spring restaurant
spring-about-skye gyngell
Skye Gyngell, head chef, Spring restaurant


An award winning 6 second video by Tony Xie named “Modern love”

Mood board



I’m so tired of vector illustrations popping up everywhere now a days, I went totally old school watercolor on paper in this project!

Pencil, ink and watercolor on paper

Adobe photoshop

mock display 4


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