NYC Reality: the direction fiasco

In general, New Yorkers love to give directions about the subway. But the most dreaded question they face is: “Where can I take the ORANGE line?”

You know why? Read on.

New Yorker (NY): B, D, F or M?
Lost Person (LP): Huh? No, No, the orange line!
NY (Sighs): There are 4 orange lines: B, D, F, and M. Where are you going- uptown or downtown?
LP: umm…
NY: Towards Bronx, Queens or Brooklyn?
LP: Oh oh I know this one, you see my friend taught me, hmm, I think Bronx!
NY: Walk 2 blocks to the west to West 4th St station and catch uptown B or D train
LP: West?
NY: West 4th St, that’s right!
LP: No, I mean which way is west?
NY: This is West 3rd and …
LP (keeps talking): See, I follow Google map when I drive back at home. But the friggin map isn’t loading here!
NY (slowly and loudly): We are on West 3rd and Sullivan. So walk that way (pointing with hand vigorously) until you see the green subway lamps by the street.
LP: ah ok, thank you, thank you so much…
NY: no problem (and starts walking fast)
LP (still talking): … have a good day! Thank you… nice… weather… west… yes…(and so on)

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