NYC Reality: nano studio summer makeover

Breakfast tableThe summer is here! The tiny breakfast table, homemade coffee and a good book help to start a peaceful morning. The table can be folded and it came from the sidewalk of New York after it got a deep cleaning treatment by me!

That reminds me, the kitchenette became even tinier! I’m keeping my microwave cooking experiments to the minimum to reduce the heat.

Tiniest foyerThe foyer received a makeover too! The coats and boots were folded and stored inside the ottoman and under the bed respectively. The coat rack got folded and went to stand in a dark corner inside the closet. So, the tiny bookcase turned into storage space for the summer shoes and a tiny foyer tabletop.

Day bedThe bed moved away from the window as unlike winter, now I have plenty of light everywhere in the studio! It also turned into a daybed by the cute breakfast table. So that opened up the living area.

Living room 1My quirky boho vive came all the way out with all kinds of lights and colors!

Living room 2The mid century modern love seat moved close to the window and the invisible book shelf held the reading lamp close by.

Living room 3Of course, it’s still very New York all over!

Survivor plantSummer is tough for most of my indoor plants. But hey, we have a survivor. It may not be the prettiest thing by traditional convention and popular culture. But it learnt to adapt to always changing nature of me and this city!

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