NYC Dream: The Italian Way

Imparando a parlare un po’ di Italiano. Sono Indiano, ovviamente, ma connecto molto con la cultura d’italiana! Sento che lavorato per la famiglia di Medici nella mia ultima vita!

Back in India, I was neither a scientist nor an artist. Science was something I studied in school. Art was merely a hobby. But, over past few years, the two forces collapsed. Two entities tried to merge. One bled over the other in places where people trained in one were not ready to appreciate the other. So, I struggled. I tried to find a peace treaty between two sides of the same coin. And I failed.

The failure was more in the form of losing an internal battle. There is a specific way of practicing science. Contrary to the contemporary belief, there is also a specific way of practicing art. As I have been training myself classically in learning both, there was always one lurking over my shoulder when I practiced the other.

And then it occurred to me. Perhaps, both entities need little bit more than just learning skills and practicing them. They deserve stronger and separate identities.

For me, the language of science has always been English. It is simple and commanding enough to state the logic and belief. But, it lacks ambiguity. It is too pristine. I needed a different language for art.

In my last post, I mentioned how much I was touched, moved and inspired by Luca Guadagnino’s film – Call me by your name. Now, an idea came to me. What if I learn Italian? It has been the language of most of my favorite painters. It has been the culture and birthplace of European renaissance! What if the artist in me is Italian?

Could the artist in me communicate in Italian? Think, eat, walk and talk in Italian? It is clearly one of the most expressive language that combines words with hand and other gestures! We will see.

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