Future of humans


Before diving into structural biology or cancer research, I felt fascinated by the evolution of humans. I was studying Bioinformatics and my dream was to create a computational code incorporating scientific and social aspects to predict the future of humanity!

The point is that with the advancement of science, human evolution is not only in the hand of nature anymore. So, if I wear an artist’s hat of vivid imagination, how would the humans of future look like? What would be the environment they will live in?

My imagination

Future of humanity – heroes and villains

In the future, our planet’s natural resources are extinguished. Earth’s surface is left with sand, dust, fog and violent storms in darkness.

The five heroes live in the space in an orbit around earth. They achieved their powers by combining advanced science with art and philosophy of ancient civilizations. By nature, they are calm, minimalist and are in harmony with each other. They protect the planet from inter galactic threats.

Earth is run by five clans. The leaders of these clans are five villains. Using cutting-edge science and technology, the villains achieved extraordinary abilities in their body. But, due to lack of empathy in their mind, they never find peace and happiness. As a result, they crave for more and more.

The villains are aware of the powers possessed by the heroes and they want more power. Soon there will be a final battle between the heroes and the villains that may completely eliminate our planet from the solar system.

My technique and motivation

You can find more about the individual characters here.

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