NYC Reality: My Metropolitan Diary: COVID-19

Two weeks back I let a NYPD officer climb through my window so he could go down the fire escape to bang on the window of my downstairs neighbor who wasn’t answering calls from his family for several days and wasn’t opening his door where other NYPD cops were knocking and screaming out his name. The officer, after he climbed back in, who I made to wear plastic bags around his shoes and followed with bleach and paper towel very carefully, told me my downstairs neighbor had chest pain. However, in the end the neighbor opened his door after I heard the officer say “Sebastian, buddy, you have gotta get up!” I think they got him to the hospital. Sebastian is a man in early 30s. I hope Sebastian is well.

UPDATE, December 2020: I met Sebastian in person last week. I was coming back from the grocery store when I saw someone coming out of that apartment. So, I introduced myself and asked if he was Sebastian. He nodded. He also explained that after the NYPD took him to the hospital they found out he had a broken rib, not COVID-19! He recovered within couple of weeks! We live in a world now where we can be happy with a broken rib because it’s not COVID-19!

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