NYC dream: A bit of NYC elsewhere

I have read somewhere that if you keep your eyes open for something you will find it in the most unusual places. For past one year, I have been obsessed with NYC and hence, I found a bar whose location and interior décor reminded me of NYC.

I have been living close to Windmill lounge for past four years. Interestingly, I have never noticed the interior décor of this place before a friend of mine, Josh, started going there very frequently. The open patio is right next to the green line train. When I’m out there, sipping through a Juan Collins, listening to the music from Jukebox, chatting with my friends, looking at the train passing by this place, suddenly it feels like I’m not in Dallas. I’m at a bar in Queens close to the subway.

Inside the bar you will find a lot of vintage decorative stuffs, poster of Woody Allen’s Manhattan, art galleries from SOHO and even the Yankee stadium subway station at Bronx. I got curious and asked the bartender, Charlie, who did the decoration and what their motivation was.

“Louis and I did most of the decoration here. The motivation comes from NYC. I have been to many bars in NYC which are dark and have neon lights” Charlie replied.

The cocktail menu is named after Manhattan. It says “Exploring the multi-faceted neighborhoods of the Classic cocktail”. There are special drinks from Little Italy, South Street, Park Avenue, SOHO and Chinatown. 

My friend Josh, who grew up in Texas, got back from Manhattan couple of months back. He lived in Theater district for couple of days and immediately fell in love with the teeny-tiny apartments, huge number of artists, writers and performers, liberal culture which form the soul of NYC. He wanted to have this drink called “007” at Windmill which he had in a bar at Manhattan. To our surprise, one of the bartenders guessed correctly what is it composed of. The other said jokingly “Oh, we just know and serve good ones!”.

After I got back to bed last night, a little tipsy from the cocktails, I had a dream where four of my lab mates are looking at a gigantic statue of the Kingkong climbing the Empire state building. Talk about obsession!

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